The benefits of Tantric massage London

The benefits of Tantric massage London

One of the questions that I am regularly asked concerns the benefits of tantric massage. What are they?

They are many and different. Each massage, each massage, each moment is unique and the massage is meant to be holistic, that is to say on several levels:






Wanting to describe its benefits would be like writing an encyclopedia on the subject!

To receive it personally on a regular basis, I can say Tantric massage London brings me relaxation and well-being on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

Being also very sensitive energetically speaking, I can feel an energetic diffusion in all my body and this one enters sometimes in internal vibration.

Relaxation and relaxation

Well-being (relaxation and relaxation) is a recurring component, like any well-being massage “precisely” performed.

Massage is an indicator of the degree of tension accumulated in our bodies. It allows us to measure more or less tense areas.

As the maneuvers progress, certain areas will relax. By reducing or even eliminating tension, it provides relaxation and relaxation. The mind begins to let go, the senses begin to awaken. The body is better able to feel.

All parts of the body are massaged in the tantric massage and some areas are not used to being touched. This increases the feeling of awakening tenfold. We then enter into communion with ourselves.

Emotions, desires, pleasure, can arise, (res-) arise. For the most sensitive, perceptions, circulation, waves of energies can appear. Until the “cosmic” and energetic orgasm.

You then feel alive, whole, present in your whole body.

As far as I’m concerned, I prefer to talk about an energetic, sensual experience, Love, awareness, liberation, and play. If you know how to take the time to listen to yourself, it’s a real magical moment.

Physical and mental restrictions

According to Eric Baret, any tantric practice is “… a deepening of the questioning of our physical and mental restrictions …”.

In other words, how far have we put up barriers? Which ones do you want to lift? The massage allows, for my part, to answer this questioning.

This article contains words that seek to describe what tantric massage is or is not in my opinion.

The best understanding remaining of the experimentation, I invite you to receive a Tantric massage London