Tantric massage London within the couple

Tantric massage London within the couple

Tantric massage London performed with a masseur is not an erotic massage. That is to say that the latter has only enjoyment for its final purpose. Many fantasies exist around tantrism, and more precisely on tantric massage. To find out more about this practice, we interviewed the tantric masseuse Nathalie Vieyra, author of the book “Let go, walks in the land of consciousness”, published in 2016.

Although sex is an important part of Tantrism (the first chakra (energy center) being located in the perineum area), there is no masturbation and it is based on the whole body. Nathalie Vieyra explains that sex is “a door to spirituality”.

Tantric massage London is to become aware of your body, of all its parts, to reconnect with the present moment. For the masseuse, tantrism is a “way of personal development and self-knowledge”. Tantric massage can also help you learn to breathe again.

How to find a Tantric massage London

It is imperative to educate yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially since there is no training to speak of tantric massage. For Nathalie Vieyra, you have to trust your intuition and use common sense, before making an appointment.

Finding a masseur works a lot by recommendation whether it’s word of mouth, consulting forums, or digging on social media. Some massages also have websites to talk about their work.

It is important to ask the masseur questions but above all to ask yourself why you want to try tantric massage. Also, do not hesitate to tell the masseur in case of medical problems, premature ejaculation, etc. Don’t be afraid: he’s used to it.

It takes place during a private meeting with a masseur or during workshops. Some masseurs organize sessions for couples. A massage can last between 1 and 2 hours and is traditionally done in oil.

The tantric massage is received naked, but no obligation if, out of modesty, you wish to keep underwear. The masseuse explains that nudity is important so that there is no barrier between the body and the hands, “to have the full dimension of the body”.

To be able to be naked is to be able to say ‘stop’. It’s a real personal journey, ”she adds.

Massage movements are carried out all over the body, erogenous zones included. Slowness and breathing are the keys to a good tantric massage. The movements are enveloping, the pressures more or less light.

If you are embarrassed by any physical manifestations of arousal, do not panic: they are not abnormal even if that is not the purpose of the massage.

Tantric massage London can teach you how to make love again, in a less mechanical way. It allows you to decenter the act of penetration, that is to say, to free you from the pattern “little hugs – penetration – enjoyment – rest”.

This practice allows you to increase desire, take your time, explore the senses, discover your body and that of your partner. Tantric massage can make it possible to “communicate without words”, analyzes Nathalie Vieyra.