Practice Tantric massage London

Practice Tantric massage London

Kashmiri massage is an ancestral practice that combines yoga, relaxation, and sexual fulfillment. The decryption of a practice that can only seduce your senses.

Among the different erotic and sensual massage techniques, we find Kashmiri massage, a practice that promises spiritual as well as sexual fulfillment. Derived from tantrism, this massage was born in Kashmir (India), more than 2000 years ago and was only imported into the West in the twentieth century, especially in France, where spirituality and alternative Asian medicines have experienced a real emergence (from the 70s).

Today, Kashmiri massage is considered a sensual practice in its own right, which allows through bodily and sexual stimulation. Using the techniques of tantric yoga allows to “release the chakras” to achieve full consciousness thanks in part to sex.  

The intimacy between the two participants is such that it is complicated to perform this type of massage without knowing each other. Likewise, in the recent work 1 written by Michèle Larue, it is specified that the Kashmiri massage is apprehended in pairs and little by little.

Still, depending on the book, there are two sequences – complete or simple – during a Kashmiri massage, which are a series of positions and stimulations.

To do this, there are different prerequisites :

The massaged must start by taking a shower, to wash away negative energies and stimulate their body.

The masseur sits on his knees (or cross-legged) with a non-sticky and natural massage oil close at hand.

The massaged can remain in underwear or in a swimsuit.

The two partners, depending on their ease and their degree of intimacy, must enter into a contract to know how far the masseur can go in his stimulation.

The two partners must, before starting one of the two sequences, indulge in a ritual combining meditation and concentration.

The two sequences of the Kashmiri massage

Two protocols are offered in the practice of Kashmiri massage, the complete sequence (five positions of the massage) and the simple sequence (two positions of the massage). They “have the advantage of inducing a flow of positions and gestures that seem to go without saying when we practice tantric massage”, specifies the author.

The complete sequence of the Kashmiri massage

The complete sequence of this tantric massage revolves around five positions and lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. The first, called “The Hug” resembles the position of the goddess found in the Kamasutra. Sitting opposite and intermingled with the masseur, the masseur stimulates and kneads his partner’s back.

Then comes position 2 which is centralized on the pubis, thighs, and legs, while the patient is lying on his back. This one turns for position 3 and the masseur lingers on the back, the arms, the buttocks, and the back of the legs of his partner. For positions 4 and 5, the patient lies on one side (right then left) and has his hips, arms, and then torso and back massaged simultaneously.

Note that between each position, the masseur can indulge in the sexual stimuli and take advantage of the movements to slide his hands over the privacy of his partner.

The simple sequence of the Kashmiri massage

The “simple” sequence of the Kashmiri massage lasts approximately the same time as the complete sequence (1h30), but there are only two positions. We will therefore limit as much as possible the manipulations of the body and the transitions, which often require flexibility and ease between the two partners. The massaged will start on the right side, then lie down on your stomach.

Finally, note that the routines and gestures of this specific and ancestral massage are to be understood and that this requires real learning and training. For those interested, there are internships and “specialized courses” to learn about the pleasures of Kashmiri massage.