Tantric massage to awaken your sensuality

Want to awaken your sensuality, to exacerbate your senses? Discover the tantric massage intended to make you rediscover your body by letting you go to sensations hitherto unknown. “  I discovered Tantric massage London 5 years ago. Today, it occupies a rather important place in my life, it allowed me to let go, to reconnect with myself, and to feel alive…  ” testifies Alex, 54 years old.

If tantrism goes much further than a simple message, we give you some basic ideas to apprehend it as a couple.

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Let go

For Frédéric, energy specialist and founder of Ayuneda, an expert in energy relaxation, the first stage of massage involves abandoning the “vigilance” of our mind. “Vigilance is often fears, inhibitions, beliefs …” You must therefore succeed in detaching yourself from it in order to reconnect with your “supreme-self”.

A clean, tidy space, without electronic objects promoting deconcentration, is essential to achieve this state of

relaxation! Foolproof patience, too …

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A different orgasm?

is carried out mainly on the ground on a tatami or on a futon, using essential oils conducive to relaxation and relaxation and it is practiced, as a rule, completely naked.

According to our energy specialist, the ¾ of the massage must be centered elsewhere than on the “genital areas” and the movements must be extremely slow. When the hand finally arrives at the penis: “  it is just placed, it does not move. With the other hand, we will take the mind to the rest of the body, circulate the energy by massaging other parts. This is not a sexual “gratification”, it is a reconnection!  ” 


The response from our sex therapist,

The word tantrism, which comes from the Sanskrit term tantra, designates a set of Hindu texts, rules and doctrines expressed through yoga and other ritual practices that are part of a religious and spiritual process. As in any field, Tantrism is not unambiguous and there are several forms, one of which advocates the use of sexual rites. In reality, this variant of Tantrism is not very widespread and it concerns only a few initiates. But in the nineteenth e century, a time when sexuality was much less free than today, Tantrism has provoked many fantasies and there has been great confusion about the content of these Hindu practices. In fact, the very spirit of Tantrism is very complex and requires a very rigorous and hardly accessible practice to achieve a state of inner peace that has very little to do with sex, despite what many people imagine.