MASSAGE EACH OTHER! Tantric massage London

MASSAGE EACH OTHER! Tantric massage London

California is in Sweden?

Californian massage is neither more nor less than Swedish massage which changed through the United States during the 1970s. We must therefore go back to its Scandinavian origins to better understand it. It was invented in addition to calisthenics to 19 th century to drain the accumulated tension in the body at specific points. After his seventies getaway in the land of cool babes, it softened up to become a massage a little less sporty.

Not too often!

Californian massage is close to recovery massage. It is anatomically focused and the techniques it uses are quite intense. Because of this, experts recommend not to overdo it: once every three weeks, no more.

“Read” your partner

Unlike Ayurvedic massage, Californian massage is not practiced naked but is covered with one or two hot towels to maintain the temperature. We gradually discover the areas that we massage and we try to find the areas where the stress accumulates. Only the hands are coated with oil and they remain very active on the body. We first proceed by palpation to see how the person reacts and, gradually, we will press more deeply on the areas that need it. The masseur or the masseuse will operate with three types of “percussions”: palm, slice, and fist. The back, the trapezius, and the shoulder blades which conceal many tensions must be carefully studied. Then we move on to the limbs that we work on each side, lengthwise to the foot, which is also very important.

Indian wisdom

It comes to us directly from India. Like its Nordic cousin, it is coupled with another discipline: medicine. “Ayurveda” also means “science of life” in Sanskrit. Through pressure points, the masseur will seek to relax the body by releasing “prana”, the vital breath. This method promotes a lulling state conducive to sleep and harmony with the universe, ideal for concentrating and regaining serenity.

Every day

This traditional massage can be practiced daily. This is what Indian women do with their babies. All the caresses lavished by the masseur or the masseuse are as many nervous messages picked up by the skin and sent to the brain. The nervous tension is evacuated to give way to a haunting piece.

Put some oil (lots of oil)

Just like Californian / Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage uses palpation, to which pressure points are added. We start by preparing the naked body with hot massage oil that we pour abundantly to provide a feeling of the bathing. We let the oil penetrate the skin for a few minutes, then we begin to massage it completely, gently. Ideally, the person receiving the massage should be able to fall asleep. We are very far from medical massage, this is pure relaxation. For an optimized experience, favor subdued lighting and play soft music, preferably Indian or Thai. You can also use incense that is gentle and not too heady.


Thirsty for prostatic discovery? Or curious about the pleasure provided by this small gland? The massage prostate seems to be an ideal practice, alone or with a un. e partner. We give you our advice …

A little preparation is needed

Dirt can be disturbing, in which case a simple enema may suffice. But you can also follow a meatless diet for two days and perform an enema the day before the massage. In particular, if the practice is done in pairs. Remember to cut your fingernails to reduce the risk of injury. In particular, the anus remains a very sensitive area, because it is rich in nerves. And remember to wash your hands! Otherwise, you can opt for wearing latex gloves.

In the same principle as the Lingam massage, choose a place where you feel comfortable. You can also create a relaxing atmosphere to your liking.

Of course, do not forget about the lubricant, preferably water-based. As well as oil, if you are going to do a full body massage, such as during the Lingam massage. And don’t forget to do some breathing work beforehand to release all the tension.

Coax the washer

The patient lies down on his back. Then, start with an oil massage: stroke the places near the anus, especially the buttocks, inner thighs, etc. to relax the person being massaged. Then pour a few drops of the lubricant on your gloves. Then practice a few movements in the perineum, between the testicles and the anus. Gradually approach the hole with your fingers. But keep in mind that the anus is very responsive. So privilege softness and take your time, before massaging the anus directly.

Then try to gently retract your middle finger. Do not hesitate to add lubricant, since the anus does not lubricate naturally. Then, go back and forth lightly so that this orifice is relaxed. But take it easy, it can be quite painful.

Over time, your finger will fit more easily. Then, go in search of this small gland, which is located 7 km from the entrance to the rectum. In solo, trust your feelings, while two, let your partner guide you according to his feelings. The latter can also help you find her by stroking her penis at the same time. On the other hand, be careful when looking for the prostate, since the internal part of the anus remains very fragile.

Stimulate the prostate

When you have found said prostate, tickle it by curving your finger (as if to say “come here”) with the palm towards the stomach.

During the massage, alternate the rhythm and the pressure. And if your partner is fondling his penis at the same time, it is better for him to stop. The pleasure felt by the penis could take precedence over that of the prostate.

In the event that orgasm occurs, do not remove your finger right away. The sphincter undergoes strong contractions at this time, which can make it painful to extract the finger.