Is Prostate Massage Tantric massage London?

Is Prostate Massage Tantric massage London?

You do not need to be ashamed, it is very common that a good quality massage, even if it is performed outside of any context for erotic purposes, causes an erection. It’s even proof that the masseuse is doing her job well!

I recently had the opportunity to go to a thalassotherapy treatment. It was the first time that I had had a massage. The masseuse didn’t do anything about it, but I couldn’t hold back an erection. I was ashamed of myself. Fortunately, she made the one who saw nothing. Is it normal to have a hard-on when getting a massage?

Small explanation: the messages provided in thalassotherapy seek above all to cause a decrease in muscle tension and a state of relaxation in addition to the hydrotherapy itself. However, and this is where the key to your reaction is, the physiological phenomenon of erection is precisely linked to a state of tissue relaxation inside your penis. And now, voila…

Moreover, if the message is considered as a premise to the sexual act… it is not for nothing! Performed within the couple, or between sexual partners, it constitutes an excellent preliminary that raises the desire and the excitement sensually and gently. The touch of the body and the pressure on certain areas, although not necessarily considered erogenous, can trigger reactions of intense arousal and trigger the desire to go further. In addition, a massage is generally more or less long, which leaves time for the brain and the body to relax and heat up… to follow more sexual contacts.

I am obviously not saying that it was your case with this masseuse, but simply that it is quite normal that your body reacted in this way. Also, do not worry, people who are used to massaging, outside of a sexual context, are used to it and do not take offense.

IS PROSTATE MASSAGE Tantric massage London?

During the tantric massage London Lingam massage, the masseur’s gestures are mainly concentrated around the man’s penis. By taking care not to neglect the rest of the body, with the aim of plunging the man into a state of deep relaxation. Sometimes prostate massage can join this tantric practice.

But in Tantra, do we speak of the prostate?

No work specializing in tantric philosophy would mention the prostate, on the same level as the Yoni and the Lingam. However, some tantric workshops in the West include it in their service. It must be said that in the early 20 century, Western confusion quickly spread disorder in Tantrism. This doctrine appeals to many curious people in the West for this sensual exploration. Popularization is taking place, in particular thanks to the reach of the media. And from then on, Tantra undergoes a metamorphosis: ritualized sexual practices assert themselves more in this revisited Tantra, including prostate massage.

Prostate massage, is it more therapeutic?

At one time, the massage of the said prostate was in reality only a medical act. We learn that “in the past, when antibiotics did not exist or there were not many, there were indeed indications for prostate massage against prostatitis “, according to urologist Adam Vardi, in Journal des Femmes. And this prostate massage would be part of a therapeutic desire: ” for those who have problems holding back their ejaculation, for those who have had prostate surgery and who have erection problems ” according to the writings of Michèle Larue, in his book The Art of Tantric and Kashmiri Massage.

And according to the Liège sex therapist Sabrina Bauwens, tantric massage would have ” a therapeutic aspect”. It would allow “to work on libido disorders, orgasm disorders, premature ejaculation, or other blockages, complex with his body. Prostate massage could therefore more or less merge into the philosophy of Tantra.

Although some specialists in the medical community would not see much interest, regardless of the purpose of this practice.

Prostate massage, a sensual journey

Stimulating the prostate gland can also allow the discovery of its sensuality, according to Michèle Larue. This desire echoes Tantrism, where bodily exploration makes it possible to discern the existence of other erogenous zones. And so to loosen the belief that a man’s sex is the only place that leads him to orgasm.

But besides that, prostate massage can be performed as a sexual act. In this practice, the goal is for the patient to reach the climax of anal orgasm. In this case, prostate massage does not join Tantra, where reaching orgasm is not a priority.

Beyond the desire to practice prostate massage, some men may be reluctant to get started. A taboo may persist in the minds of some because very often assimilated to homosexuality. These psychological barriers would represent a break for prostate massage, as well as the dirty aspect that remains. But not wanting to get a prostate massage can just be a matter of personal envy.