How to do a tantric massage that makes him climb the curtain?

How to do a tantric massage that makes him climb the curtain?

There is the scalp massage at the hairdresser, the foot massage at the pedicurist, and then… There is this massage that is a little more specific. Halfway between erotic massage and real sexual practice. In any case, a moment of sharing and very pleasant sensuality to test … How to practice Tantric massage London Our advice here.


To practice an erotic massage called ”  tantric  “, an atmosphere is necessary. The laptops must be turned off, the imperatives … put off until later and the spirits: present.

Bonus? A scented candle, relaxing music, in short, a warm atmosphere conducive to coming together. In other words, the CD Nature et Découverte: c’est bien, Rihanna’s latest EP: it’s no.

Tantric massage London: what is it?

It is a subtle blend of meditation and sexuality. All the erotic energy passing through a sensual and relaxing contact: the massage.

Originally from India where it is elevated to the rank of art, tantric massage allows you to open each of your chakras and thus reach orgasm in a much stronger and more diffused way … A whole program.

Concretely, what does this consist of? To relax and surrender completely to the expert hands of his or her partner. The goal? Reach a level of relaxation close to hypnosis and thus feel each sensation much more intensely.

Tantric massage: how to practice an erotic massage?

As explained previously, the atmosphere must be conducive to relaxation and self-surrender. So dare a subdued atmosphere or even a perfume, a pretty light garland, beautiful colored sheets in short: decorate your bedroom with a glamorous and romantic decor.

On the practical side, to do an erotic massage, it is still best to be naked. Clothing creating a psychological barrier between your body and your psyche.

Then, the “protocol” is childishly simple: start by massaging your partner’s entire body, leaving no part of their anatomy out. The genitals must be caressed in the same way as the rest of the body, without “sexualizing the massage”.

It is a question of acting all in sensuality, without transforming the massage into a sexual act. Another important notion: you and your partner must be in the feeling and not in the projection of your fantasies. The concept is complicated to define? We explain ourselves.

Force yourself not to let your mind wander towards erotic images but, on the contrary, try to be 100% present in the present moment by focusing on the sweet sensations you experience. Once the massage is over, reverse the roles and – if you wish – drift into other more… naughty sexual practices!

Tantric massage London: to reach orgasm?

Thanks to tantric massage, the body is conducive to feeling each touch, each caress in a much more intense way. When the erotic massage gently drifts towards a sexual act itself, the sensations are therefore much more intense.

Those who practice tantric massage even half-admit that the orgasm is then felt in a “diffuse” way. That is to say that it not only focuses on the lower abdomen but vibrates throughout the body.

How do you give a very, very good prostate massage?

Anal stimulation can take its toll on anyone, regardless of gender. But in anyone with a prostate, the orgasmic potential of the finger in the buttocks is increased tenfold.