The famous morning erection is also called nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) or nocturnal erection. It is a succession of erections during the night, the last of which takes place upon awakening. All men except those who suffer from dysfunction, including babies and the elderly, experience it.

The not very sexy news: The first erection a man has had happened during prenatal development, namely in utero. Yes, you had your first erection in your mom’s tummy

The funny news: These erections can occur up to 5 times/night with a duration of up to 40 minutes (not bad) and have nothing to do with the erotic dreams you may have.

What is the cause of morning erection?

There are several theories on the subject:

The first is to say that during this paradoxical sleep, where we dream, the parasympathetic system stops the diffusion of norepinephrine (module of attention, learning, etc.). This is when testosterone takes over and causes erection at night.

These erections are very dependent on the quality of sleep and do not occur every day.

Another theory is that due to a release of nitric oxide in our blood, our blood vessels dilate. The flow of our blood then becomes stronger throughout our body and especially in our penis.

Finally, these nocturnal erections could come from an uncontrolled reflex action of the spinal cord without the brain intervening. This would explain why when you are not necessarily excited, you can end up having an erection!

What is the point of an erection if we sleep?

Having nocturnal erections is healthy even if sometimes annoying: it prevents men from wetting the bed because the nerves that control erection are close to the bladder and are stimulated when it is full.

They would also be useful for the good health of “Popol”. The erection swells the cavernous body which helps oxygenate the tissues and therefore keep the member in good condition. The absence of this oxygenation can be responsible for sexual impotence.

Until the very recent analysis by Dr. Antoine Faix (surgeon and urologist), for women too, we could speak of an increase in the volume of the clitoris called: tumescence of the lips and the clitoris.


Derived from tantrism, Kashmiri massage is an ancestral practice that combines yoga, relaxation, and sexual fulfillment. The decryption of a practice that can only seduce your senses.

Among the different erotic and sensual massage techniques, we find Kashmiri massage, a practice that promises spiritual as well as sexual fulfillment. Derived from tantrism, this massage was born in Kashmir (India), more than 2000 years ago and was only imported into the West in the twentieth century, especially in France, where spirituality and alternative Asian medicines have experienced a real emergence (from the 70s).

Today, Kashmiri massage is considered a sensual practice in its own right, which allows through bodily and sexual stimulation. Using the techniques of tantric yoga allows to “release the chakras” to achieve full consciousness thanks in part to sex.