Tantric massage London is one of the practices of tantra, a school of thought which considers that sexuality can lead to a transcendent state and lead to ecstasy both physical and spiritual. This massage aims to combine the physical and mental body through an intense sensory experience.

Tantrism then makes it possible to awaken sexuality beyond the simple physical exchange and to increase the sensuality of one’s sex life. Practiced as a couple, it also makes it possible to restore bodily communication, to develop the relationship with oneself and with the other, and to see the many benefits of tantric massage.

How does a tantric massage take place?

Unlike other massage techniques, a tantric massage does not respond to a clearly defined technique. However, it requires a minimum of preparation of the framework in which it will be practiced. The whole body must also be stimulated by various movements (stretching, pressing, slow, etc.). Although intended for pleasure, tantric massage is not sexual and can be performed by professionals in massage parlors.

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Be careful not to be mistaken, ejaculation is not the goal of a cuddle therapy London, and even if the penis can be massaged during a session, the goal is not to enjoy the benefits of masturbation, but well sensuality and the development of sexual energy. There is therefore no actual sexual act in this type of massage.

To promote the sensuality of the exchange, it is advisable to practice the massage in an environment conducive to relaxation and carnal exchanges. Subdued light, candles, incense, music, the atmosphere can be compared to an atmosphere favoring relaxation. To enjoy the benefits of tantric massage, the person to be massaged must feel comfortable, relaxed, and open in order to make the most of the moment.

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